Snake risk assessment and removal


The ‘CCTC snake risk assessment and removal service’ is available to individuals and businesses in and around Port Moresby (or further afield with advanced booking). The service includes a thorough property search for any indication of the presence of snakes, a detailed analysis of the areas and activities which might attract snakes, a comprehensive list of recommended actions to be taken to reduce the risk, a written report and a personal consultation with our staff whilst on site. Where feasible, we capture and remove any snakes that we find. Our staff will demonstrate the correct first aid treatment for snakebite, will provide printed first aid instructions (and posters to businesses) and you get to keep the bandage too!

By following our recommended course of action, you will ensure that your property is at low risk of being inhabited or visited by snakes. In the unlikely event that one should appear, you will have minimised the risk of coming into close proximity with it and you will know exactly what to do (and what not to do), having being provided with advice and relevant demonstrations.

We give specific advice to people with children, pets or guard dogs in terms of keeping them safe, recognising the signs and symptoms of snakebite and appropriate first aid treatment for them.

We charge a nominal fee for this invaluable service. Price depends on size of property and the time required to do the job thoroughly. Please contact us for a quote at